To download a Sample Disaster Plan – Major Incident Click Here

a. Initial Action – Commence Log and Ascertain Details:

  • Time/Date/Place
  • Identity of informant
  • Location of informant
  • Location
  • Nature of incident
  • Extent of incident – how serious?
  • Number of possible injured
  • Is there anyone in charge as yet?
  • Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Police
  • Ambulance (as appropriate)
  • Surf Rescue Command – SurfCom
  • Medical/First Aid Officer
  • Referee
  • Competition Organiser
  • Media Liaison Transport:
  • First aid, medical equipment and relevant personnel to site.

b. At the Scene:

  • Continue Log
  • Ensure no further danger
  • Cordon off scene
  • Set outer perimeter – consider crowd control
  • Set up command post
  • Set up triage and casualty area
  • Coordinate search for victims with Police
  • Arrange escorts for relatives and minor low priority patients to first aid base
  • Consider:
    1. Set up helicopter landing area
    2. Set up fully enclosed and secure area for use of morgue (if required)
  • Arrange emergency vehicle access
  • Media Liaison to arrange media area

c. At the First Aid Area:

  • Commence Log
  • Appoint/Confirm Officer in Charge
  • Accept patients with minor injuries
  • Arrange area for relatives
  • Arrange trauma and grief counselling
  • Ensure adequate stocks of first aid supplies
  • Transport emergency care stock and equipment to primary site as required
  • All requests for information (including media) to command post
  • Arrange refreshments
  • In the case of alleged criminal activity, all injuries and First Aid treatments must be fully documented.

d. Personnel Required at Command Post:

  • Safety and Emergency Services Coordinator
  • Medical Officer
  • Competition Organiser
  • Media Liaison Officer
  • Police Coordinator
  • Ambulance Coordinator
  • Log Keeper

e. At Completion: Debrief:

  • Arrange venue away from activities and interruptions
  • Ensure police and ambulance coordinators in attendance
  • Arrange refreshments
  • Ensure all personnel are accounted for
  • Conduct debrief – SLSA/Police/Ambulance
  • Take notes
  • Take contact details of all major participants in search
  • Ensure someone from SLSA is present to thank members
  • Arrange any ongoing search/assistance
  • Clean up
  • Ensure all equipment is accounted
  • Clean equipment
  • Replenish supplies
  • Arrange further/ongoing support for competitors/officials/members