The appearance of features on the map are defined using symbols. For an empty project, a default symbol is generated for each layer. To change the symbol:

  1. Select the Layer Properties menu from layer context menu. The Layer Properties window will appear.
  2. Click on Symbology tab. Depending on type of data and existing symbol, the look of the window may be different. Two types of symbols can be defined for a vector layer:
    1. Simple Single Symbol –Defines only one symbol for all features in the layers. With this symbol, all features in the layers would look the same. It is typically used to differentiate the layers with other.
    2. Categories symbol – Defines multiple symbols with different shapes, colours, or sizes for features with different attribute values. This can effectively describe the spatial distribution of features against selected attribute.

  1. For Simple Single Symbol, select Features in the list on the left and click the button in Symbol group to change the symbol type, color, and size.
  2. For Categories Symbol, select Categories in the list on the left. The right side will be changed in the categories symbol view. In this view, select the field name from the Field List and click the Add Values button to generate the symbol for each unique value of the selected field.

  1. For Raster data, simply select the color ramp from the list.
  2. Click OK button to save the changes.

The symbols will be saved in project file. It will be restored when the project is opened.


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