Lesson 2 – 30 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the natural water cycle and water collection methods
  • Identify ways in which water usage can be reduced/recycled at the surf club


  • Whiteboard and markers (optional)
  • Butchers paper and pens (optional


  • Ask the participants about the ‘water cycle’ and how it works.
  • Using a whiteboard or butchers paper, write down the answers and draw a diagram of the water cycle.

Discuss the next few questions that relate to water and the surf club environment:

  • How does water play a role in a beach environment? (i.e. the sea is salt water, is the reason most people come to the beach).
  • How is water used in a surf club environment? (i.e. showers, washing down equipment, drinking).
  • How can we limit the use of water from the main supply? (i.e. rooftop collection into storage tanks, reduce our use of water) .

Activity 1

• Form small groups of 3 or 4 participants and give each group a large piece of butchers paper and pens.
• Armed with an understanding of the water cycle and water usage in the surf club give the groups 10min to draw a water cycle (flow chart) poster specific to their beach and surf club environment.

  • Suggest it includes: Where water is collected from, where it falls, what it does, who uses it, where they use it etc.
    • After 10min ask one participant from each group to explain their poster (if there are too many groups just ask one or two groups).


  • Discuss ways in which we can reduce the amount of water we use while at the surf club (i.e. short showers, not leaving the hose running, using a broom not a hose to clean outside, water flow restrictors etc).

Activity 2

  • Conduct a surf club ‘water audit’ by taking the group on a tour of the club and stopping at different areas of water usage to discuss how water is being excessively used and how water usage could be restricted.
  • Areas of the club may include:
    • Equipment washing down area,
    • IRB flush tank,
    • Kitchen,
    • Bathroom (check first it’s empty),
    • Collection tanks (if the club has them).


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