Lesson 12 – 60 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Attempt or perform an ironman/woman race transitions.
  • Attempt or perform cameron relay race transitions.


  • Nipper Boards.
  • Marker Cones.
  • Water Safety Personnel (1:5).


  • If you are not confident coaching the skills in this lesson, bring in a surf sports athlete or coach to help deliver the lesson.
  • Start the lesson by discussing the surf conditions and safety considerations before entering the water.


  • Explain the rules of the Ironman/Ironwoman event:
  • 4 members per team (1 Swimmer, 2 Runners, 1 Board Paddler)
  • Order of legs (swim and board) are drawn ballot – see Junior Competition Events section)

Coaching Points


  • Set up the board on a sand mound with front handle pointing high.
  • When you get to your board bend down and grab the front handle, drive off the sand and prepare for the entry into the water.


  • Demonstrate to the participants how to make a sand mound and pick up their board during a swim to board transition.

Activity 1

  • Have participants practice setting up a mound and placing their board on it.
  • Set up a line in the sand 10m away from the boards.
  • Participants run to their boards pick them up and then run 10m further along the beach.
  • Repeat this exercise until everyone has had plenty of practice.
  • After a couple of repetitions encourage the participants to complete the transitions as fast as they can to get used to doing them at full pace in a race.

Coaching Points


  • Tag is made with hand (like giving a ‘5’ to someone).
  • The receiving teammate must be behind their line.


  • Choose a participant to help with the demonstration.
  • Demonstrate to the participants how to make the following transitions in a cameron relay:
    • Board Paddler to Runner (Runner waits at waters edge for Board Paddller to reach them and make the tag).
    • Runner to Swimmer (Swimmer is waiting on start line with hand behind them, Runner makes the tag).
    • Swimmer to Runner (Swimmer wades to waters edge and makes the tag with the Runner).
    • Runner to Board Paddler (Board Paddler is waiting on start line holding board in one arm with other behind their back, Runner makes the tag).

Activity 2

  • Pair up the participants and give each pair a nipper board.
  • Organise for them to practice one of the transitions at a time.


This lesson assumes participants have acquired previous skills from earlier awards:

  • Surf swimming wading, dolphin-diving, body surfing, surf swimming techniques.
  • Board positioning on a board and basic paddling technique.
  • Entering the surf and bunny-hopping with a board.
  • Sitting over a wave and paddling through a wave.
  • Exiting the water with a board.
  • Catching a broken and un-broken wave.


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