Lesson 10 – 25 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Enjoy beach sprinting and participating in beach relays


  • Marker Cones, Plastic cups.
  • Ice-cream containers.
  • Water Safety Personnel (Recommended 1:1).

Coaching points


  • You will line up on the start line with one foot on the line and the other foot behind.
  • When you hear the word ‘Go’ you start to run to the finish line at the other end of the track.

Activity 1

  • Set up a start and finish line using marker cones and lines in the sand (no more than 20m apart).
  • Explain the beach sprint instructions.
  • Take the participants to the start line.
  • Line the participants up along the start line in groups of about 8.
  • Explain to the participants that on ‘Go’ they need to run to the finish line.
  • Run through 4 or 5 beach sprints and then start to mix up the way they run:
    • Hopping race
    • Crawling like a crab
    • Running backwards
    • Skipping etc
    • Participants might also like to come up with their own ideas

Coaching points


  • The frst runner will start with a plastic cup
  • You run down to the waters edge and fll the cup up with water
  • You then run back to your team trying not to spill any water
  • When you get back you tip your water into the ice-cream container on the ground in front of your team
  • When the water is all tipped out you pass the cup to the next person in your team
  • They will then go and collect some water and so on
  • The relay finishes when the ice-cream container has been filled

Activity 2

  • Explain the Cup and Bucket Relay instructions.
  • Split the participants up into groups of 4 or more.
  • On ‘Go’, the first runner starts and the team completes the relay.


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