Lesson 6 – 30 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Attempt or perform wading and dolphin diving


  • Water Safety Personnel (1:5)


  • If you are not confident coaching the skills in this lesson, bring in a surf sports athlete or coach to help
    deliver the lesson

Coaching Points


  • Swing legs out and away from midline of body
  • Maintain a high knees/thighs action to clear water
  • Arms swing wide for balance and to drive legs
  • Stance should be upright, not leaning forward

Activity 1

  • Line participants up on the sand (if you have a large group, then create smaller lines behind each other).
  • Ask participants to walk, lifting knees high and swinging arms high to shoulder level.
  • Repeat this skill in ankle-deep water.
  • Move back to the sand and ask participants to walk, lifting knees high and swinging ankles out to the side of body.
  • Repeat this skill in ankle-deep water.
  • Repeat this skill in just below knee-deep water

Activity 2

  • Practice wading skills in relays – moving along the water’s edge – in and out of the water, not going
    beyond knee-deep water

Coaching Points


  • Commence when water is too deep to wade.
  • Dive forward and into the water with arms together and out-stretched.
  • Angle dive 45 degrees towards the bottom and dig hands into sand to prevent being dragged backwards by wave.
  • Bring legs/feet forward to where hands are and drive/spring 45 degrees forward and upwards with
    hands/arms outstretched ready to repeat dolphin dive.


  • Discuss with children the need to protect their heads when diving underwater.
  • Ask them to practice by putting their head between their arms as their arms are outstretched in front
    of them

Activity 3

  • Take the participants to waist-deep water and line up facing parallel to beach
  • Ask them to get into the “arms out/dolphin diving” position.
  • On your call, they should practice one dolphin dive returning to their feet
  • Repeat this until they are confident and competent in dolphin diving

Activity 4

  • Set up a relay where the participants will have to wade out and dolphin dive around water safety
    personnel before returning to shore to tag their teammate


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