Lesson 7 – 40 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Attempt or perform carrying and dragging a nipper board into the water
  • Attempt or perform bunny-hopping a nipper board into the water


  • Nipper Boards.
  • Water Safety Personnel (1:5)


  • If you are not confident coaching the skills in this lesson, bring in a surf sports athlete or coach to help deliver the lesson.
  • Discuss the surf conditions and safety considerations before entering the water.

Coaching Points


  • Keep head up and look towards water entry point.
  • If carrying board under arm: Hold outer rail of board or use recess grip, Keep parallel to sand.
  • If dragging board: Hold front top handle, Keep fin out of sand.


  • Demonstrate how to carry and drag your board to the water.

Activity 1

1. Give each participant a board and ask them to line up on the beach parallel to the water. (If you don’t have enough boards for everyone, ask participants to pair up and line up behind each other).
2. Draw a line in the sand about 15m down the beach.
3. For the first practice run, ask the participants to pick up their board and run to the line and back carrying their board under their arm.
4. For the second practice run, ask the participants to run to the line and back dragging their board beside them.
5. Repeat this activity until the participants are used to these skills.

Coaching Points


  • When at knee depth place board on water
  • Hold rails of board with a hand on each side.
  • Place your hands a little in front of your body
  • Have your outside leg in front of your inside leg.
  • Push the board forward as you hop with your legs.
  • Both feet should leave and enter the water at the same time
  • Aim to land feet next to board.
  • Keep going until you are too deep to hop, then start paddling.


  • Demonstrate the bunny-hopping technique on the beach without a board, focus on feet being staggered and leaving the ground together.

Activity 2

  • Ask the participants to practice bunny-hopping on the sand. Organize similar to Activity 1.

Activity 3

  • Have participants practice their skills in the water in an area close to shore and marked out by Water Safety Personnel.


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