Lesson 8 – 30 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Attempt or perform beach flags starts


  • Marker Cones.
  • SLSA Beach Flags, or
    • hose/flag/pipe/plastic tube etc.


  • If you are not confident coaching the skills in this lesson, bring in a surf sports athlete or coach to help
    deliver the lesson

Coaching Points


  • On ‘Go’ keep turning foot on start line.
  • Keep head and shoulders low throughout turn
  • Push backwards and upwards towards the flag.
  • Use vigorous arm and leg action.


  • Organise the participants into a semi-circle where they can see your demonstration.
  • Demonstrate the correct technique for flag starts.

Activity 1

1. Set up a start and finish line using marker cones and lines in the sand (no more than 10m apart).
2. Line the participants up on the start line facing away from the flags line (if you have a large group, create smaller lines behind each other).
3. Have a helper place a flag on the finish line for every participant lined up on the start line. The helper will need to stay there and help for the whole lesson.
4. Have them lie down with their feet on the start line.
5. Once they are lying on the ground face down, both hands need to be placed palm down, on top of each other, under their chin and fingertips to wrists.
6. On your command of ‘heads down’ the participant must place their chin down on their hands and
push their heels together with straight legs.
7. On your command ‘Go’ participants get up and turn around as fast as they can and run towards
the flags.
8. Repeat ten (10) times.

Activity Extension

Add variety to this activity by incorporating some or all of the following:
1. Set up the flags so that there is one less flag for the number of starters and create a competition.
2. Ensure you keep the eliminated participants entertained, e.g, get them to cheer for those left competing, help with placing flags, or give starting commands.
3. Make the start line parallel to the ocean and instruct the participants to run into the water and fetch a ball
thrown in.
3. Use a flag start to get the group to move from one area of the beach to another.


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