Lesson 3 – 20 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy generation
  • Identify ways in which electricity usage can be reduced in the surf club


  • Whiteboard and markers (optional)
  • Butcher paper and markers (optional)


  • Ask the group to list renewable energy sources and non-renewable sources and write them on a whiteboard/butchers paper. If they are finding it hard to name any then you can add to the list.
  • Be sure to describe each source as not all participants will understand what one participant might suggest.


  • Discuss why it is important for the world to focus on reducing (or eliminating) non-renewable energy sources

Activity 1

  • Form small groups of 3 or 4 participants and give each group a large piece of butcher’s paper and pens.
  • Write the following headings on a whiteboard/butcher paper for everyone to see and give each group 10 minutes to answer them:
    • Give examples of how non-renewable energy is being used these days.
    • What type of energy sources is our surf club using?
    • List all the things that use electricity at the surf club
    • Draw an outline of the surf club and add the form of energy collection you think would work best at the club. Describe why you chose this technology.
    • List ways in which we can reduce the amount of electricity used in our surf club
  • After 10min ask each group to present their answers to the rest of the participants

Activity 2

  • Finish the lesson by conducting a surf club ‘energy audit’ by taking the group on a club tour and stopping at different areas of electricity usage to discuss ways in which electricity is being wasted and how electricity usage could be reduced.
  • Include things such as: lights, radio’s charging, kitchen appliances, water heating, and any other things the participants may have listed in their groups.

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