Lesson 10 – 30 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Attempt or perform diving for a beach flag


  • Flags: hose/flag/pipe/plastic tube etc.
  • Tennis balls, Marker Cones, Water bottles.



  • Keep eyes on flag.
  • Have both hands extended.
  • Dive low for the flag.
  • Grasp the flag firmly and bring to body.


  • To start this lesson, demonstrate the correct beach flag diving technique.


  • Discuss important safety tips:
    • Always check the sand in a beach flags course for sharp objects.
    • Have water close by in case you get sand in your eye.

Activity 1

  • Line up the participants on the sand and give each of them a flag.
  • Ask them to walk 2 metres ahead, put the flag into the ground, and then return to their starting position.
  • On your command the participants can take a step and dive for the flag.
  • Repeat this exercise until they are confident in diving for the flag.

Activity 2

  • Set up a start and finish line using marker cones and lines in the sand.
  • Line the participants up on the start line facing away from the flags line (if you have a large group, then create smaller lines behind each other).
  • Have a helper place a flag on the finish line for every participant lined up on the start line. The helper will need to stay there and help for the whole lesson.
  • Have participants get in the correct starting position.
  • On your commands ‘heads down’ and then ‘go’ participants get up, turn around as fast as they can, run towards the flags, and practice diving for the baton.
  • Repeat this until the participants get the hang of it.

Activity Extension

  • Set up the flags so that there is one less flag for the number of starters and create a competition.
  • Ensure you keep those participants who have been eliminated entertained, e.g., get them to cheer for those left competing, help with placing flags, or give starting commands.
  • Make the start line parallel to the ocean and get the participants to run into the water and dive for a tennis ball that has been thrown in.


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