Lesson 9 – 25 minutes

Learning outcomes

  • Enjoy playing beach flags


  • Marker Cones.
  • Flags: hose/flag/pipe/plastic tube etc.


  • Sit the participants in a group on the beach.
  • Tell the participants they are about to play beach flags and discuss what beach flags is
    (it’s a game to practice the speed and reaction needed by a lifesaver to respond to emergencies).
  • Introduce the basic beach flags instructions.

Coaching points

    1. There is a start and finish line.
    2. You will line up on the start line facing away from the finish line.
    3. You lie down on your stomach with your chin on your hands.
    4. On the finish line there are flags placed in the sand.
    5. When you hear ‘Go’ you can get up and turn around and run for a flag.
    6. When you get to the flag bend over and pick it up.


  • If you have a helper or a participant who knows how to do beach flags then use them to demonstrate.
    1. Set up a flag in the sand and then walk 10m away from it.
    2. Lie down on the sand on your stomach facing away from the flag.
    3. Get up, turn around, head for the flag and pick it up (talk the participants through this while it is being demonstrated).


  • Set up a start and finish line using marker cones and lines in the sand (no more than 10m apart).
    1. Line the participants up on the start line facing away from the flags line (if you have a large group then create smaller lines behind each other).
    2. Have a helper place a flag on the finish line for every participant lined up on the start line. The helper will need to stay there and help for the whole lesson.
    3. Have the participants lay down facing away from the finish line, on their stomachs with their feet on the start line and hands tucked under their chin.
    4. On your command ‘Go’ the participants get up and race for a flag.
    5. Repeat the activity 3 or 4 times.


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