The Document Library operates a little differently to the News & Events area. There is not the ability for members to ‘submit’ content for approval. To upload to the Document Library at any level of the organisation you must be in an Officer position in Surfguard for the specific level of the organisation.

Assigning “Approve Members Area Library Content “ Function in Surfguard
Clubs, State & National administrators/officers will be able to approve Library content as long as they are in an Officer position in Surfguard and have been assigned Approve Members Area Library content
Note: If a member is in multiple officer positions in Surfguard they only need to update one officer position with admin

Uploading Content to the Document Library
1. From the Library drop-down select Maintain Documents
2. Click the red Upload file button at top right.
3. Upload the document and complete all other fields; Title, Summary, Organisation, Restricted Resources (Optional) and Categories.
4. Click Save
5. The document will now be displayed in the Document Library to the organisation it was uploaded to.

Revision: 6
Last modified: 31 May 2019