1. From the Library drop-down select Document Library
2. Members can find documents in the library filtering by Organisation, Search, Sort by and Categories

  • Organisation: Every member can see documents for their Club, Branch (if applicable), State and SLSA.
  • Search: The new and improved search function allows for documents to be found easily.
  • Sort by: Documents can be sorted by Most Recently Uploaded or Name A To Z
  • Categories: The default is All, however, members can search for documents by a specific category. There are 9 main categories to filter by; Sports, Lifesaving, Education, Member Services, Circulars/Publications, Governance/Policies, Administration, Work Health & Safety, Nippers and Other.

3. You can view the library documents as a List or Grid. Image below is Grid view.
4. Documents displaying a padlock are Restricted Resources and can only be accessed by Members who hold a proficient TAF (Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator) Awards
5. Once the document is located it can be easily downloaded to your device by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.
6. You can share a document with another member by clicking the share icon. You will not be able to share a document with member who as selected Do Not Send Email or is not eligible to have access to the document eg a restricted resource. An email will be sent to the member who is getting access to the document with the name of the document shared and a link/access the document.
7. Ability to filter by Surfguard officer positions. (At this stage only SLSA Officer Positions that display to States, Branches & Clubs can be used to filter)
8. The Members Area will remember the last view of Category/Organisation/Officer Position when you next visit the library

List View

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Last modified: 10 December 2020