This section can be used by: -
1. Members who have created a News or Event article and saved the article as a Draft and now want to submit it for approval.
2. Club/Branch/State/National Officers/Administrators who are the officer position in Surfguard as a News and Event content approvers

Members Viewing & Editing a Draft
1. From the drop-down menu click Manage News and Events
2. Make sure the Status displays Draft

3. Clicking ‘Edit’ will allow the draft to be amended

4. Amend the Draft as required and either: -
• Save as Draft, or
• Save and Submit for Approval

Assigning “Approve Members Area News Content “ Function in Surfguard
Clubs, State & National administrators/officers will be able to approve News content as long as they are in an Officer position in Surfguard and have been assigned Approve Members Area New content
Note: If a member is in multiple officer positions in Surfguard they only need to update one officer position with admin functions.

Approving, Editing or Rejecting News & Events Articles in the Members Area
1. From the drop-down menu click Manage News and Events
2. Filter by Type, Status, Organisation and Categories as required

3. Locate the article you wish to approve/edit/reject and click the Red Title of the article to view the details

4. Once you have reviewed the article click Back
5. Action accordingly using the Edit/Approve/Reject buttons.
NOTE: Once approved the article should generally appear instantly, if this is not the case please allow a couple of minutes for the article to upload and display.

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Last modified: 22 May 2019