All SLSA members who have a Members Area account can create and submit a News or Event article. Any article submitted by the organisation that the article will be displayed at. Eg if the News item is to be displayed at a Surf Life Saving Australia level it will have to be approved by Surf Life Saving Australia.

Steps to Create a News or Events Article
1. From the drop-down menu click Create News & Events
2. Create your article by completing the Title, Summary, Description fields.
3. From the Type drop-down select either News or Event.
4. Set the Publish and Expiry dates and times. The default expiry date is set for 3 months from the publish date.

5. From the Priority drop-down select either Normal or High. High priority articles are marked with an exclamation mark on the top right-hand side of the post and these articles also display higher than an article which is marked as a Normal priority.

6. From the Organisation drop-down select the Organisation the article will display at (subject to approval)

7. Select the Category, multiple categories can be selected by holding CTRL on your keypad and select each additional category.

8. Feature images can be uploaded. Feature images must be minimum 960 × 540 pixels and have a maximum file size of 20mb

9. Files can be attached to the article if required. A maximum of 3 files allowed.
Note: Club members with approval rights for News and Events and/or the Document Library will only have to upload a document once. Previously uploaded files will display when uploading to News, Events & Library. The most recently uploaded file will display at the top. To select a file that has previously been uploaded, find the file and click ‘Remove’ this will then change the status to ‘Select’.

10. Once all fields are completed choose form either: –
• Save as Draft, or
• Save and Submit for Approval

11. If Save as Draft was selected in previous step the member can submit for approval using the Manage News & Events tab.

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Last modified: 31 May 2019