NOTE: Before you can Approve Forms in the Members Area you need to confirm you have been assigned Form Approver Admin Functions in Surfguard.

Approval Process

For forms submitted at a Club Level
The Form is approved by the club and will go to State for approval.

For forms submitted at a Branch Level
The Form is approved by Branch and will go to State for approval

For forms submitted at a State Level
a) If Award is also processed by State the Form still needs to be approved by State
b) If Award is processed by National the Form is approved by State and will go to National for approval

Approving Forms in the Members Area

1. Login to your Members Area account”
2. From the Forms drop-down click View Submissions

3. Approvers can then filter by: – Organisation, First or Last Name, Form Type, Status, Only My Submissions or Submissions that require my approval.

4. To view the details of a Form you want to Approve/Reject click the red icon to the right of the form and all details of the submitted form will display on the screen

5. To approve the Form, click Approval. You will have the option to either Approve or Reject. If you click Approve you will have to type a Comment into the comment box and then click Approve at bottom left.

6. Once you have approved the Form at a club level it will show the following status.

7. Once all stages are approved it will show that the Award has been successfully awarded.

8. Throughout the form process, form approvers for the relevant organisation level will receive an email advising them of action tasks.

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Last modified: 5 August 2023