The underwrite function can be applied with the AFD structures policyStructure, masterAgreementStructure, pensionStructure and loanStructure.

Underwriting involves measuring risk exposure involved when insuring a risk. Underwriting is done in several insurance processes during the policy life cycle. No matter which variant of underwriting is used, the request and response always have the same format. However, the extent of the required input and output may be different, depending on the specific usage.

NOTE that with the API-framework the underwriting function is not used to calculate the premium that needs to be charged. In the case were underwriting functionality is required as part of the premium calculation, the function calculatePremium should be used.

As with the calculatePremium function, the underwrite function is typically a standalone service provided by the insurance provider. In general there is no link to the backoffice systems of the insurance provider issuing this API. As a result, this section only contains the underwrite function.


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