Function: retrieveOrder

Fetching order details which can contain information added by the third party, for instance status or planned time or date of execution.

Usage: retrieveOrder

# Variant Description
1 single Obtain full details of a single order based on the unique order reference.
2 status Obtain status information of a single order by order reference.
3 range Obtain details of multiple orders based on a range of unique order references.
4 list Obtain reference information of all orders available within the authorization restrictions.

Technical specifications: retrieveOrder

Input: retrieveOrder

The retrieve function is a webservice call without a body. The functionVariant and the (range of) orderNumber are included in the query parameters in the request header.
For more information see the Retrieve functions section of the Design principles chapter.

Output: retrieveOrder

Name Variant Type Description
commonFunctional Entity for general information with regard to structure, handling and processing.
entityType all string Set to ‘default’.
dataCatalogVersion all string Version of the data catalog on which the message is based.
functionVariant all APIVAR The functionVariant is used to determine the additional set of required and optional input and output data.
order all Request for a service by a third party.
Any attributes of the order entity.


When a negative response is generated, it follows the general rules as described in the Error section of the Status codes and error handling chapter.

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