Throughout the distribution chain of the insurance industry, third parties engage to deliver services as part of the fulfilment of policy and claim related processes.
Before engaging with a (prospective) customer, the ‘know your customer’ regulations require a check to ensure that doing business with a person or organization is allowed. This is usually done through automated processes, but in some cases a third party can be asked to investigate before preparing an offer.
For instance, a third party may be engaged to conduct a medical examination in order to establish the health of a person to be insured for life, health or income insurance. Or, it may be prudent to carry out an appraisal of an object to be insured for which no list price is available.
When an incident occurs that is covered by the policy, third parties are contracted to establish the loss amount, carry out repair and salvage activities, or repatriate persons or objects.
The order functions enable the outsourcing and controlling of tasks for these types of activities. Contrary to most of the other APIs which in general are provided by the insurance provider, this API is to be provided by the third parties who are contracted to carry out the assigned orders. As these parties usually work for a number of insurance providers, they also benefit from a standardized form of data exchange.


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