The function group offer can be applied with the AFD structures policyStructure, masterAgreementStructure, pensionStructure and loanStructure.

An offer consists of the terms and premium of an insurance contract (policy) as proposed by the insurance provider to the potential insured. It is customary to request an offer up front for the more complex financial products. Once accepted by both parties, an offer is legally binding. This means that an offer is seldom used for simple risks in property and casualty.

A quote differs from an offer in that a quote is little more than an indication of the premium payable for a potential insurance contract, without further legal obligations. Customers requesting coverage for simple risks in property and casualty simply choose a product (after comparison) and submit an application for a policy. The dataset of an offer is almost the same as that of a policy, with the addition of offerReference and dateOfferExpires. The dataset for request and response make use of the policyStructure.

The functions and variants are described in more detail in their respective paragraphs:


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