Entity: masterData

The masterData entity is used for grouping data as data in itself, and not as the usual collection of attributes. It can cover relatively static reference data, transactional, unstructured, analytical and hierarchical data, and is often represented as a table or (potentially multi-layer) codelist.
More detailed information on the usage can be found in the description of the retrieveAfsTable function.

Example usage

Below is an example masterData entity of entityType table, filled with some attributes and some table rows represented as another masterData entity of entityType tableRow. This example (partially) represents a multi-layered table of professions. Note that attributes within a masterData entity/table do not necessarily have to be attributes from the AFD. See AFD Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes listed under the masterData entity.

	"masterData": [ {
		"entityType": "table",
		"tableName": "Profession table",
		"masterData": [ {
				"entityType": "tableRow",
				"occupation": "0100",
				"occupationDescription": "Scheikundigen",
				"elaborationOnOccupation": "Scheikundigen, natuurkundigen, verwante technici",
				"maximumEndAgeAov": 68,
				"occupationalClassification": 1,
				"professionSynonyms": ["Chemici"]
				"entityType": "tableRow",
				"occupation": "0200",
				"occupationDescription": "Architecten",
				"elaborationOnOccupation": "Architecten, ingenieurs en verwante technici, tekenaars",
				"maximumEndAgeAov": 67,
				"occupationalClassification": 3,
				"professionSynonyms": ["Bouwkundigen"]
	} ]

Entity types

Entity type Description AFD 1.0
calculationData Data to be applied to calculate the costs of a claim. CC
costSettlement Intended for future or historical cost schedule. KV
fund Funds are aggregations of investments that are listed on the stock exchange. FO
provisionScheme Intended for future or historical commission schedule. PS
redempton (Extra) repayment concerns the repayment on a loan or mortgage. AE
savings Information about a (bank) savings account. SE
table General information about a table or tier. XQ
tableRow Row within a table. XR
timeSchedule Information about the time schedule. DX


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