Under the working title SIVI 2.0, SIVI has spent the past two years working on modernizing and updating the SIVI standards.
The title under which the various SIVI standards will proceed is SIVI All Finance Standard.

In this pre-release the SIVI All Finance Standard is open for a final round of feedback, heading for a formal launch in Q4 2020.

There will be no ‘big bang’ migration. Where the standards are used in ‘communities’ like VPI and GRS, SIVI will discuss the ambition and timeline with regard to migration to the new standards for each community in the coming year. For the development of non-community related web services and the recording of data, organizations can make their own choices on migration to the SIVI All Finance Standard. To facilitate coexistence, SIVI provides extensive conversion support from AFD 1.0 to AFD 2.0 and vice versa. More information on migration wil be published on the SIVI website in the coming months.


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