Q: What’s the price for the subscription?
A: The subscriptions prices can be seen when you click on any of the purple buttons in the app. The payments are trough Google Play or iTunes for iOS. The subscription cost is different for every country because of some taxes. The current subscription plans, without the taxes, are:

Subscription plan Price
1 month ~ 5 EUR
3 months ~ 14 EUR
6 months ~ 25 EUR
12 months ~ 50 EUR

Q: I can’t create an account, the app says the username/email is already taken?
A: Most frequently the issue is the username, it has to be unique too. If you already have an account you can use the “Forgot password” function to reset your password.

Q: I didn’t receive a verification email, what can I do?
A: Check first the spam folder. Sometimes the automatic emails are not processed correctly by some email providers and our comfirmation emails are not delivered. Contact us trough our contact form https://www.diabetes-m.com/contacts using the email which you registered in Diabetes:M and we’ll send you the verification code.

Q: Can I synchronize data between 2 or more devices?
A: Yes, if you have an account on our server, you can login with it on any other device and all your data and settings will be synchronized. You can also use our web application on any device with internet access: https://analytics.diabetes-m.com/login

Q: Why I can’t find food in my language from FatSecret, but I can find it in FatSecret app?
A: Diabetes:M uses it’s own database for food, along with USDA, BEDCA and FatSecret. FatSecret’s free integration (which we’re using) allows only US region foods, so you can’t find other region’s food in Diabetes:M. The paid version is very expensive, so we can’t afford to support multi region foods for now.

Q: Can I import data from other diabetes management software or glucometer/insulin pump/sensor?
A: Yes, there are many import/export options in Diabetes:M. Check them out here: Data management

Q: Does the app support Freestyle Libre scanning?
A: Yes, we do support Libre scanning. We support 10 day US sensors and 14 days UK sensors. The 10 days sensors can be used for 14 days with the app. We still don’t have support for the new 14 day US sensors.

Q: Does the app support Freestyle Libre transmitters?
A: The app does support Miao Miao and Ambrosia’s Blucon. This function is available only for premium users. The transmitter can be linked by going to Data -> Devices -> Add bluetooth device.

Q: Does the app have any alarms for high/low glucose when it’s used with a transmitter?
A: Yes, we do have Low/High glucose alarms and some more options. You can check out this page for more information: CGM features

Q: I can’t import my data from other software/pump/glucose meter, what can I do?
A: You can send us the file, so we can check what’s wrong if we support the format you’re trying to import, or you can format the data in our supported formats and import it that way. There’s more info about our supported formats here: Data screen

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