The User Management screen allows you to add, modify and hide inactive users – both Standard Users and View Only Users – in the Siemplify platform. Standard Users can be put into various permission groups and have read/write access to as much or as little of the Platform as you decide. View-Only users require a different license and can only read (view) parts of the Platform. View-Only users can be useful for MSSPs to allow certain customers to view dashboards or reports specifically aimed at them.

To add a new user to the Siemplify platform:

  1. Click the plus icon on the top right of the screen. The new user screen opens.
  2. Fill out the relevant information. If you are configuring new users for SAML authentication, make sure to select the required SAML provider in the User Type field. If you are adding a View-Only user, make sure to select the View-Only option in the License Type field.

  1. Click Add. The new user appears in the list of Users.
  2. Click on the picture icon to upload a PNG file up to 400kb for this new User. If you are configuring new users for SAML authentication, make sure to click on the Send Invitation icon.

Email Verification

It is recommended that the user verify their email address is correct. You, as the admin, have the option of sending an email to verify their email address using any one of the following:

  • Email address- Hover over an individual user’s email address – the envelope icon appears. Then, click the icon.
  • All Users- Send email verification to all the users at once. Click on the envelope icon located on the top right of the screen and then, click Confirm.
  • Add User- Fill out the required fields. Send Email Verification is checked by default. Then, click Add.
  • Edit User- Select the required user. Click on the edit icon. Fill out the fields, check Send Email Verification and then, click Save.

A green dot appears next to the user’s email address when they have already verified their email. The platform will not send out additional verification emails to these users even when clicking Send Verification to all users. Users who have not confirmed their email address will have a red dot next to their email on the screen.

After the verification is sent, the user receives an email in their inbox to verify their email address.

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