Each Playbook and Block has its own Monitoring dashboard, accessed from the Playbook page by clicking
The user can define the timeframe for different resolutions of the playbooks statistics in the Monitoring dashboard.

The Monitoring dashboard contains the following information:

  • Runs: How many times the Playbook/Block ran during the defined time period.
  • Redundant: Number of times the Playbook/Block didn’t run due to the three playbook limitation. (Only three playbooks can be automatically attached to an alert.)
  • Closed Alerts: Percentage of alerts that were closed by this Playbook.
  • Average Run Time: Average amount of time that this Playbook took to run. This can prove useful in troubleshooting Playbooks that took too long.

Playbook Status Pie Chart: Shows three options. Options are finished successfully, failed, or waiting for user action. Each option is clickable and will take you to a Search results page. This chart shows you playbook statuses according to the defined time period and is cumulative.
Playbook Trends Line Chart: Shows completed runs, failed runs and a total of runs (both failed and successful). Hover your mouse over each dot on the line to see a pop-up showing more information. This chart can come in useful for checking trends over time. For example, let’s say you you see that the Playbook didn’t run twenty times over the last month, you might then tweak the trigger logic to make the Playbook more selective. You could then look at the Trends chart to check that the Playbook ran successfully from that time onwards.
Environments Bar Chart: Displays all the environments that this Playbook ran in. Each section is clickable and will take you to a Search results page.

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