Log files are created on an hourly basis per log component and stored in a daily folder. All logs are stored in structured folders and files under var/log/siemplify. Each file stores the log records as created from HH:00:00 to HH:59:59. The daily folder name format is the date – according to server localization settings.

*Note that log files are only kept for 7 days. After this time, the log folders are deleted.

In this screen you have the following options:
Choose from the following: Error (most critical), Warning (includes error), Info (Info includes any log record, including errors, warnings and many other system log records). The level of logs that you choose here will apply to both Siemplify service logs and Elastic logs (if installed and enabled). Note that from Release 5.5.3, you have to install Elastic Search manually if you want to see Elastic logs.

The change applies to log files written from that moment on.

  1. Click Download to download a zip file containing all the logs for the last ten hours.
  2. Click Export to download a zip file containing all the error logs for the defined time frame.

For more information, please refer to Siemplify Logs.

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