The Jobs screen contains default Siemplify jobs, as well as jobs that are created in the IDE screen and are essentially scripts that can be scheduled to run periodically. 

The following predefined jobs are available:

Option Description
Actions Monitor  Notifies if a specific action has failed at least 3 times, across all cases it was performed in (to a predefined email, as set in the Siemplify integration configuration in Marketplace.)
Connectors Monitor Notifies regarding any Connectors error in the alert ingestion process
Machine Resource Utilization Notifies if the machine resource utilization is close to full usage, according to the following default rules:
CPU – over 90%
MEM – over 85%
Drive – over 80%
ETL Notifies regarding any error in the ETL alert ingestion process
Jobs Monitor Notifies if a specific job has failed at least 3 times (sends a notification for each specific job once every 3 hours)

To configure a new job:

  1. First, create the Job in the IDE screen. Refer to the IDE screen for more details.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Jobs. 
  3. Select the plus icon.
  4. Select the job you created in the IDE screen and click Create.
  5. Enter the Scheduler information for when the script should run.
  6. Make sure to click Save.
  7. You can also choose to run the script immediately by clicking Run Now. 

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