The Homepage displays a list of your open cases, links and files, tasks, contacts, notes, and Announcements arranged in a columnar format. This page allows you to work on your cases and tasks quickly by providing the information you need at your fingertips in a single click. The page also shows the number of cases and malicious SOC cases closed in the previous week.

The Homepage automatically refreshes every two minutes, but you can also refresh it manually by clicking the refresh icon at the top right corner of the page.

Click to see Homepage screen

What can I do on the Homepage?

My Cases: Click on the blue ID of the required case in this section and you will be redirected to the Cases tab.

Links and Files: You can build a clickable list of frequently used URLs (e.g. system admin consoles) and files (e.g. documents, reports, logs, audio and video files) similar to a bookmark in functionality. Click the plus icon underneath either the Links or Files tab to add the required information. Note that files that you add can be downloaded. There is a scroll button to the right of the column to enable support for multiple files and links. Any information you add to Links and Files will only be visible to you.

My Tasks: Displays a list of activities that you or your work colleagues need to complete. You can add tasks here for other users – with the option to give them a due date. These tasks are not linked to any case. Once the task is done, click the checkbox to mark it complete.

My Contacts: Contains a list of important contacts. You can add here new contacts with their name, phone number and email. Any information you add to My Contacts will only be visible to you.

My Notes: Contains a list of post-its to jot down notes. Click the plus icon to add a new note.

Announcements: This is a message feed managed by the SOC manager. Click the plus icon to add a new Announcement to the feed. Note that Announcements cannot be edited once published.

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