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The External Authentication screen allows you to choose and configure the SAML provider that external users can access Siemplify with. Currently, the options are G-Suite, Okta or a Custom SAML provider.

To configure a SAML provider on the Siemplify platform:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Advanced > External Authentication.
  2. Select the required provider. For example, G Suite.
  3. Fill out the following fields.
    1. Provider Name: G Suite (will be automatically populated)
    2. IDP Metadata: Upload file which defines the connection between Siemplify and the Custom provider.
    3. Identifier: URL of G Suite provider.
    4. ACS URL: Siemplify server name. Can be either an IP URL, Host Name URL or Local Host URL. Note that users have to connect to Siemplify with the same URL pattern configured in this field in order to log in with SAML.
    5. Provider public certificate: This is not needed for G Suite.
  4. Click Save in the top right corner.
  5. Restart the Server.
  6. Click Test in order to make sure the connection is working as expected.

The next stage is to add Users and assign them with this SAML provider. Note that if you are trying to change SAML providers, you need to disable each individual user first and then create new ones with the changed SAML provider.

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