The Context Details appears on the right of the Cases screen and provides more details on whatever you have highlighted in the main screen.
If you have selected the Case, then all the entities pertaining to the selected Case is shown as in the screenshot below. If you have selected an Alert within a Case, then information on all the fields within the Alert will be displayed in the Context Details pane.

In both the Default and the Highlighted fields in the Context Details, there appears a three dot button. Clicking on this provides the following three options

  • Add to Highlight/Remove from Highlight: Depending on where it is, this will either add or remove it to or from the highlighted list in the Context Details pane.
  • Property Definition: this opens up the same dialog box as in Settings > Data Configuration > Properties Metadata enabling you to edit the information here.
  • Expand: opens up the dialog box a bigger panel to view the entire content.

When clicking on a Playbook, the Context Details appears as a Playbook Summary. This shows the following information:

  • Playbook Name and Run Length
  • Time and Length of Playbook Run
  • Waiting for User Input: If the Playbook is waiting for the analyst to do something, this will be displayed prominently at the top of the Playbook Summary. In addition, a Push notification will be sent to the relevant user letting them know that the Playbook is waiting for them.
  • Integrations: list of Integrations being used by this Playbook
  • Playbook Flow: each Playbook step that ran with its status and step result.
  • Errors: any errors will be listed here. Each error is clickable and will direct you to the Kibana logs page. You can also choose to rerun the Action from here. A notification will be sent to the user letting them know the Playbook is stuck.

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