Navigate to the Integrations screen by clicking on the gear icon and select Integrations.

In the Integrations screen you can configure an Integration in several different ways and use them per Environment. Each configuration is called an “instance” and once configured, can be selected within a Playbook step. For example, when building a Playbook which caters to a customer site using two Active Directories, it will now be possible to choose a different configured instance of the Active Directory integration within the Playbook step.

On the left of this screen are the Environments in which you can configure an Instance. The Shared Instances provides a container where you can configure Instances that can be used in all environments. Note that the default environment is the predefined environment that Siemplify provides. (In previous Releases – this was referred to as “no” environment.)

To configure an Instance:

  1. In the Environments list on the left, click on the Environment you want to create an Instance for.
  2. On the right of the screen, click Add Integration.
  3. Select the required Integration and click Save. In this example, we have selected Active Directory.
  4. In the Configuration screen that displays, add in all the relevant information and parameters. You can also choose the specific Agent to run on. When finished, click Save.
  5. Note that you can make changes at a later stage if needed. Once configured, the Instances can be used in Playbooks.

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