Case Wall is a repository of all event logs related to a case since the time the case was created until it is closed. Click the Case Wall tab to view information on the tasks, user comments, manual and system actions, file attachments, insights and so on, related to a case. Each of them are indicated by icons located at the top segment of the Case Wall tab.

Click on View Results where displayed to see both the regular UI results and the JSON Results.

Click on one or more of the following event icons to view their details. You can select an alert from the drop-down menu (located beside the event icons) for which you want to see the related events. To view events for all the alerts of the case, select All Alerts.

Icons Description
Sorts event logs based on the time they were created (from the newest to the oldest, and vice versa).
Displays any useful comments (pertaining to alerts) that were left by the users while handling the case – including number of comments.
Displays details on tasks. Once the task is completed, click Complete Task.
The task status displays Completed with the completion timestamp followed by your comments.
Displays the details of all status changes of a case carried out by users or the system in a tabular form. These changes include updating case title, case stages, priority, case assignment to a different user, case closure and so on.
Displays the details of actions assigned to each alert in a tabular form. Details include the action timestamp, action name, alert name, the status of the action taken (Completed or Faulted) and its result.
Note: Click Show More to expand the view of the action results, involved parameters and entities in a tabular form. To collapse the view, click Show Less.
Displays any warnings and general insights about the case and the involved entities.
Displays case wall items that you have previously favorited (by clicking the yellow star on the right).

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