The Audit screen displays an overview of user activities and their details. The activities are displayed in a straightforward list format. This helps create a comprehensive view of the actions taken in the platform. The ability to compare new activity values with previous activities values was integrated in the release

Let’s take a look at the best way to use the Audit screen.

Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Audit. On the top of the screen there will be an overview of the following User activities:

  • Most Common Activities
  • Most Common Resolutions
  • Most Active Users
  • Most Active Addresses
  • Most Common Browsers

On the bottom of the screen, the activities are displayed in a list format. You can easily filter the activities by the User and the Count/Group.

You can view the information in the New Activity Values or Previous Activity Values by clicking on the required activity value. The Previous Activity Values will be empty for any new activities that create new items.

You can look at more information about the activity by clicking on View More. The Activity Details side drawer displays the following information:

  • Time — when the activity happened.
  • User— who performed the activity.
  • Module— which system that activity happened.
  • Type of activity— which activity was performed.
  • Address
  • Browser
  • Screen size

In addition it provides a side by side view of the new activity values and the previous activity values in a JSON viewer layout for an easier investigation.

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