After adding a dashboard, add the widgets as per your requirement. You can add up to 12 widgets in a dashboard.

To add a widget:

  1. Click the plus symbol on the dashboard or the Add Widget button on the top-right corner of the system. The Widget Settings window appears.
  2. In Title, type a meaningful title for the new widget. This step is mandatory. The time and environment you specified while creating the dashboard applies to all widgets of that dashboard. These fields are auto-populated below the widget title.
  3. Choose a Widget Width as required.
  4. In the left pane, select the form of the data display using the drop-down menu.
  5. By default, the data display is in the form of a Pie Chart. Other forms you can select are Horizontal Bar graph, Vertical Bar graph and Table.
  6. For the chosen data display form, specify its corresponding fields in the left pane as required. For example: If you chose Pie Chart as the data display form, its corresponding fields are Number of, Calculate field, Group by, Number of Results and Order by. For more information on the data display form and corresponding fields, refer to Data Display Forms.
  1. In the right Filters pane, select all the required filters for which you want the data to display. If the filter you want is not in the provided top 15 list, then you can search for it and add it in.
  2. Click Create. The new widget with specified data form, parameters and filters is added to the dashboard.

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