Single Node Diagram

Siemplify Server (AIO Node)

CPU 2 virtual sockets with 6 cores each (12 cores)
RAM 32 GB (recommended)
Storage 800 GB
Storage Disk Type: SSD / SAS 10k / Similar High-Speed Storage
Virtual NIC E1000 Adapter
Supported ESX Version 6.0 and higher (for OVA deployment)
Supported Virtual Machine Version 11 and higher (for OVA deployment)
Open Ports 443, 80 (redirect), 5432 (db PostgreSQL), 5601 (Kibana), 9200 (Elastic)

Client Workstation

Network 100 MBPS Ethernet (or higher)
Monitor Resolution 1920×1080 (Full HD) or 1366×768
Browser Google Chrome 66.0.3359 or higher
Open ports 443

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