Before upgrading Siemplify:
For each Docker Agent, copy and save the Docker command from the agent information (Settings > Advanced > Remote Agents > Edit Agent).

  1. Upgrade Siemplify to 5.5.3 Hot Fix 8 or higher or 5.6.0. Hot Fix 2 or higher.
  2. Upgrade Siemplify integration in the Marketplace to the latest version.
  3. Change both Cases and Logs collectors by removing the old jobs and creating new ones after upgrading the Siemplify integration.
    Note that if you are upgrading to 5.6.0 – use “Case collector DB” instead of “case collector” job.
  4. Upgrade Publisher:
    1. Download publisher installer to existing publisher host machine
    2. Give “executing” permissions to the installer file:
      chmod + x
    3. Execute installer
      bash -upg

For the Docker Agent only:

  1. Open an ssh session to the docker agent host and check the container id
    docker ps
  2. Remove container
    docker rm <container_id> -f
  3. Remove image
    docker images
    docker rmi <image_id>
  4. Change the owner of the volume:
    chown -R 999:997 /var/lib/docker/volumes/<volume_name>/_data/
    Note: Check the volume name using the command docker volume Is
  5. Deploy the same docker (from the copied command in step 1) but pull the latest image (this container will contain the new image but the old volume with all the data).
  6. Make sure the agent is live (Siemplify settings > Advanced > Remote Agents).
  7. Enable-disable agent from the Siemplify UI. This will pull the new installer but not run it. This should take about 10 seconds.
  8. In the container, go to /opt/SiemplifyAgent/Upgrades and give the new installer permissions:
    chmod +x
  9. Run the installer
    ./ Ignore any error logs that appear!
    Check that the agent is live and updated (i.e. that the agent information contains the new version).

For the Installer Agent only:

  1. Enable-disable agent from the Siemplify UI (wait for about 1 minute).
  2. Check that the agent is live and updated (agent information contains new version).

If the remote connectors are not working due to the SDK mismatch (Siemplify SDK was updated, but the connector doesn’t have an update) you need to save the connector again to push the SDK update to the remote connector.


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