On-Prem Installation

The following procedure allows you to make changes to the Agent.

  1. Log into the Agent machine via SSH.
  2. Make sure you are in the /opt/SiemplifyAgent directory.
  3. To show the configuration options, enter the following command:
    python agent_cli.py -h
    (A full list with explanations is displayed below this procedure)
    Note: If you want to see the current values of each of these configurations, enter printenv
  4. For example, let’s change the value of one of these options as follows:
    python agent cli.py set_verify_ssl_slave false
  1. In addition, there are more configurations that you can change within the “update_environment” command (environment variables). To see these, enter:
    python agent_cli.py update_environment -h
    (A full list with explanations is displayed below this procedure)
  2. For example, let’s take one of these and change the value as follows:
    python agent_cli.py update_environment_status RETRANSMISSION_LOOP_INTERVAL_SECONDS 30

The following list provides more information on the options that you can configure as detailed in the procedure above:

Options under python agent_cli.py:

Option Description Values
set_verify_ssl_slave If the value is ‘True’, It will communicate with the Secondary publisher only if it has a signed SSL certificate True/False
set_publisher Used for changing the Publisher the Agent will communicate with (as part of changing a publisher process) Publisher IP Address
publisher slave configurations when defining a secondary publisher in case of losing communication with the first one Publisher Slave IP Address

Options under python agent_cli.py update_environment

Option Description Values
TASK_TIMEOUT Defines the time for timeout for tasks that were pulled from Publisher and not executed Time in seconds
SERVER_API_ROOT Publisher API server address. This indicates from where the agent pulls tasks and Publishes results to. API Address
SERVER_API_TOKEN Used for authenticating the requests sent to the publisher Server API token
VERIFY_SSL A boolean parameter that defines if the agent should connect with a Publisher only if it has a signed SSL certificate, or not to verify if it has a signed SSL certificate. True/False
RETRANSMISSION_LOOP_INTERVAL_SECONDS Defines the time between each interval for checking if the Publisher has got an CASE_ACK for the connector package That Siemplify has pulled. Whenever the the CASE_ACK is received, the agent will delete the connector package from the Retransmission folder (means that the case that was created on the agent has arrived to Siemplify) Time in seconds
RETRANSMISSION_SAVE_PERIOD_DAYS Defines the lifetime a connector package can have in the Retransmission folder. If the Package did not get an CASE_ACK for it until its life time is reached, it will be deleted. Time in days
RETRANSMISSION_FOLDER_MAX_SIZE_MB Defines the size the Retransmission folder can reach. Once the max size is reached, the agent will start to delete connector packages (from oldest to newest) until the size is again in the defined boundary. Size in MB

How to configure a Proxy

This defines the agent service to communicate with the Publisher, using a pre-defined proxy server. Note that the only information that will be transferred will be the communication between the agent and the publisher.

Procedure for an existing on-prem agent:

  • Run the following command:
    python2.7 /opt/SiemplifyAgent/agent_cli.py update_environment PROXY_ADDRESS https://{proxy_host}

Procedure for a new on-prem agent:

  1. Download the package.
  2. Edit the .env file inside the package and add the desired env var: PROXY_ADDRESS=https://{proxy_host}


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