The following bugs have been fixed for this Release:

  • Siemplify Server service restarting unexpectedly due to out-of-memory (ID #7633)
  • If Hide Disabled User Account filter is on, no users shown in User Management screen (ID #7633)
  • Entity Explorer doesn’t work on all entities in certain circumstances (ID #6775)
  • Dashboard showing the wrong Priority colors (ID #7385, #7489)
  • UTC Job Time in History changes based on Account Localization (ID #6226, #7322)
  • Entity Explorer: Unique Entity created with environment alias instead of environment name
  • Settings > Connectors: when a connector’s dynamic list is large it remains “stuck” when moving to another connector (ID #7219)
  • Rotated log files are not moved to the daily folder and don’t get deleted (ID #6834)
  • Dashboard – admin user’s selection affects other users’ dashboard views (ID #6720)
  • Placeholder not displayed when running through agent 1.2.6/1.3.0 in Cloud version (ID #6967)
  • HA DB Connections Issues in services (certain playbooks not functioning) (ID #5919, #6141)
  • Playbook action results not visible after merging branches (ID #5975, #6107)
  • Playbooks getting stuck in queue in Cloud platform (ID #6986)
  • HA Cluster issue and Playbook timeout (ID #5841)
  • Display issue with Action Results (ID #6091)
  • Case Close Root Cause and Reason not linked in Playbook steps (ID #5866)
  • Incorrect details for events in UI – add to highlights and mapping issues (ID #5755)
  • Recreating Default playbook folder causing Server service not to start (ID #5812)
  • Cannot highlight multiple reminders in Command Center (ID #5506)
  • Connector UI Logs – not showing proper time (ID #5672, #5753, #6203, #6223)
  • Case closed by Siemplify API now showing (ID #5855)

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