Broad Resolution Support (Responsive Web Design)
The Siemplify Platform can now be viewed with the following different resolutions:

  • 1920×1080
  • 1440×900
  • 1366×768
  • 1280×800

Notifications Enhancement
The Notifications mechanism in the Siemplify platform has been upgraded to further improve your work performance. You can now configure different types of notifications to your Email account and on the Siemplify platform. From this Release onwards, you will receive a push notification on important messages, including Cases where you have been mentioned, or a Playbook that is waiting for your input.

Localization for TimeZone and Date/Time Format
Customers can now configure the Siemplify platform to the required timezone. In addition, they can now choose the date and time format that they require. These options are available via Settings > Advanced > Localization screen.

Save Theme selection in User Preferences
Once a Siemplify user selects a theme, it remains selected after logging out and logging back in.

Add New Announcement Enhancement ID #1811
You can now add a much larger announcement in the Homepage.

Siemplify Hot Keys
The following keyboard shortcuts have been added for both Windows/Mac users. They can be reached via the question mark icon on the top right of the screen.

Description Mac OS Windows Available in Pages
Open Keyboard Shortcuts ⌘ + Shift+ K Ctrl+ Shift+ K All pages
Close Case ⌘+ B Ctrl + B Cases
Change Stage ⌘+ G Ctrl + G Cases
Create Manual Case ⌘ + Shift+ O Ctrl +Shift +O Cases
Open Case Queue Filter Shift I Ctrl+ Shift+ I Cases
Simulate Case ⌘ + Shift+ Q Ctrl + Shift+ Q Cases
Manual action ⌘ +M Ctrl + M Cases
Add Task ^ + T Alt + T Cases
Add new Item ⌘ + O Ctrl + O Playbooks, Reports, Dashboards, Settings, Connectors, Jobs, IDE
Save ⌘ + S Ctrl + S Playbooks, IDE

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