Playbook Visibility
With this Siemplify Release, Siemplify introduces several new features aimed at making playbooks much easier to understand, analyze, maintain and manage. The new features include the Playbook Monitoring screen, Playbook Summary in the Cases screen and the Playbooks widget in the Dashboard.
The Monitoring screen ensures that our customers get the most out of Siemplify automation capabilities. The Summary screen minimizes the time that an analyst takes to make decisions when handling a case. Dashboard widgets provides greater understanding of your playbooks.

Playbook Visibility: Monitoring
In order for our customers to better understand a playbook’s value, to measure ROI from playbooks and to prioritize those playbooks that requires the user attention for ongoing improvements of playbooks and for troubleshooting, the Playbook Monitoring feature was introduced. The Playbook Monitoring screen is displayed on every Playbook and Block design page. It provides visual information on each Playbook’s execution over time.

For more information, please refer to Understanding Playbook Metrics

Playbook Visibility: Summary
In the Cases screen, when a Playbook is selected, a new Summary section in the right panel will display. This new section aims to provide you with at-a-glance information on each stage of the Playbook and its integrations and thereby enables you to make quicker decisions as to how to handle the case. The goal of this feature is to improve SOC efficiency by enabling the analyst to understand the playbook in an easier to access format and by highlighting the action items for the analyst, such as fixing an error, or highlighting a manual action waiting for the user, instead of the analyst having to search for them.

For more information, please refer to Understanding Playbook Metrics

Playbook Visibility: New Playbook Dashboard and new capabilities for Playbook widgets
New Playbook widget capabilities have been added to the Dashboard. These widgets will provide analysts with greater insights into Playbooks run time and success rate and expose areas which need more automation such as bottlenecks or too many manual interactions.
In addition, Siemplify is providing a new Playbook Dashboard by default for our customers to use.

Bulk Actions for Playbooks ID #1922
The ability to perform bulk actions on Playbooks and Blocks such as duplicating them and changing priority is now supported in the Siemplify platform. This feature saves the analyst valuable time by allowing them to perform actions on multiple items at once. In order to support the bulk import/export feature, Orch files are no longer supported; only zip files can be imported into the system. In addition, you can now use various filters such as priority and Environments to displays lists of relevant Playbooks and Blocks.
For more information please refer to Bulk Actions and Filters in Playbooks.

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