Support for Redhat 7.7 platform ID #2865
Siemplify can now run on Redhat 7.7 as well as CentOS.

Support for Firefox
Siemplify can now be displayed via Firefox. Siemplify supports Firefox version 54 to version 73.

Custom List Entity Enrichment ID #1215
When creating custom lists for entities, the name of the custom list is now added to the entity properties in the custom list field.

Bulk Actions Supported for Networks, Domains and Custom Lists in Settings ID #1990
In order for bulk actions to be supported in these Settings screens, you can now export the information and work on it in an outside editor and then import it back into the Siemplify platform.

Adding New Tag Enhancement ID #1797
When adding a custom name to the Rule Generator field of the new tag, you can now add a longer name.

Use LDAP SSL port 636 ID 2548, ID #3004
In Settings > Advanced > General > LDAP Configuration, when “TLS” is checked, the default SSL port (port 636) is used for communication with LDAP.

Internal Username can now switch to LDAP Username ID #2385
When an existing user tries to log in to Siemplify via LDAP credentials, they will receive a popup asking them to confirm switching their internal Username to the LDAP username. They need to enter their internal password in order to continue. This enhancement allows LDAP users to connect to Siemplify without issues.

Siemplify Web Address enhanced to include tab information ID #1330
The browser can now provide more information as to where you are within Siemplify. This can drill down to the actual Case ID you are working and not just the tab name.

Show/Hide Non Enabled Remote Agents
The customer now can filter the results in the Remote Agents screen by hiding Agents that are not currently enabled.

IDE Support for Manager
The Manager is an independent Python script which usually contains API calls. It is used by Action/Jobs/Connectors scripts. From this software version, it is now fully visible in the IDE screen. In addition, you can now create custom managers for your Actions/Jobs/Connectors in the Siemplify platform.

Data Retention Policy Enhancement ID #3253
The Data Retention period has been increased from 12 months (one year) to 60 months (five years), thereby allowing customers to store information on old cases for longer.

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