Release 5.5.0 includes the following new features:

  • Unique playbook monitoring capabilities that allow organizations to analyze each playbook’s effectiveness as well as effectively troubleshoot abnormal or erroneous playbook activity. This includes a monitoring screen for each Playbook, a new Playbook Summary for each Playbook that runs in a Case alert, and a new set of Playbook widgets for both dashboards and reports.
  • A new use case repository that enables rapid download and adoption of an entire use case – complete with playbooks, integrations, simulated alerts and how-to videos
  • Improved control over multiple environments for MSSPs and large enterprises serving multiple tenants, playbooks can now be grouped, distributed and managed per environment or group of similar environments. The ability to select multiple environments has been added cross Platform, and in addition permissions have been added for the default environment and for All environments.
  • Redesigned integration management that enables easier management and configuration of integrations across multiple instances and environments which can be used to streamline Playbooks.
  • Improved user notifications via a redesigned notifications pane
  • Playbook bulk actions for easier bulk importing, exporting and editing
  • Siemplify can now handle up to 75,000 alerts per day over new architecture (400% more than in previous releases!)
  • New High Availability solution
  • Support for a large variety of screen resolutions to display the Siemplify platform at optimum scale per device
  • Dozens of additional customer driven enhancements for improved usability. Each customer feature request has the corresponding customer ID next to it so you can track your features.
  • And much much more – read the rest of the Release Notes for more information

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