Support for multiple Integrations per Environment
Customers can now configure multiple instances of the same integration for the same environment. The option to configure the instances will be available from the new Integrations > Configure screen. This feature provides our users with greater flexibility and granularity when creating and running Playbooks. For example, when building a Playbook which caters to a customer with two sites, each site using its own Active Directory, you can now configure two instances of the same integration for the same environment and choose between them within the Playbook step.

For more information, please refer to Supporting Multiple Instances

New Integration and Connector Guides Portal
Detailed information on Integrations and Connectors can now be located at the new Integrations Portal. For each supported Integration in the Marketplace, there will be a link which will lead you directly to the specified Integration in the Portal. Currently, there are around 60 Integrations with supported documentation and more are being added constantly and will be updated in real time in the Portal.
For each connector with supported documentation, there will be a link from the Connector itself to the relevant place in the Portal.

Use Cases Marketplace
There is a new Use Cases tab in the marketplace now which allows users to share and download use cases. The tab includes predefined use cases which contains relevant items such as integrations, Playbooks etc in order to simulate an entire workflow from end-to-end. After deploying one of these use cases, you can choose to Simulate it in the Cases tab. In addition, you can configure the Connector, and/or edit the Playbook, of a predefined Use Cases and run it on real data.

Upload Use Case
You have an option in the Use Case Marketplace to create your own Use Case with playbook/s, test case/s and connector/s and upload it. Once it’s uploaded, it’s sent to a dedicated Siemplify team who will analyze it and if relevant, will add it to the Use Case repository for all Siemplify customers and Siemplify community members to use. For this reason, it’s important to think carefully about what type of information you are uploading. The goal of the Upload Use Case option is to encourage all customers to share playbooks and use cases that can help others out with their Siemplify journey.
Optionally, you can choose to create your own use case via the Upload feature, BUT instead of submitting it to the repository, you can export it as a zip file and then import it. That way, you will have it just on your Marketplace! Note that any imported cases will be deleted when you choose to Get Latest Cases. (Although as soon as the latest cases are uploaded, you can simply import them again!)

Get Latest Use Cases
Customers will be notified via a pop-up Announcement when to click this button in the Repository to download new Use Cases that Siemplify have added to the repository. These could also include customer-uploaded Use Cases.

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