Change Case Stage in Bulk from Search Results ID #2608
You can now change the stage of several cases at a time from within the Search Results screen. This bulk action provides greater ease of use for our customers.

Case Report now available in Excel format ID #1973
In addition to downloading the Case Report as a Word document, you can now download it as an Excel file as well.

Case Name, based on Alert Name, displays as expected ID #2488
The Case Name no longer displays with changed characters but now displays in its original form.

Case Priority cannot be changed automatically once marked as Incident ID #2506
Once a case has been set to Incident, its priority level is critical and it cannot be changed anymore. The Incident status can be manually changed back to a Non Incident.

Defanging URLs in the Case wall ID ID #2402
URLs \ Hostnames in comments are no longer clickable. This is in order to add an extra layer of security to the Platform. If required, the user can copy the URL and browse it manually.

Root Cause and Reason added to Search Results ID #2513
To add more clarity for our users, we have added two new columns to the Search Results screen: Root Cause and Reason.

Event Field Mapping Logic ID #2452
When deleting a mapping rule, if the level is different from the one the user is viewing, a new warning message is now displayed. This is to make sure the customer realizes that for example, deleting a Source rule on the event level will apply it to all event types from that source. In addition, None values are now allowed in mapping rules.

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