Extremely Large JSON files not ingested correctly Bug ID #3476
JSON files of all sizes can now be ingested correctly into Siemplify.

PosgreSQL DB minor errors Bug ID #3457
The database is now functioning as expected.

License Expiry Issue Bug ID #3377
After installation and before logging in for the first time to Siemplify, the customer should synchronize the time to the NTP server or a custom server they want to use.

Case Refresh Issue Bug ID #3298
Previously, after closing a case and refreshing the screen, the wrong case appeared at the top of the queue. In order to resolve this issue, now after closing a case, the user is directed to a “blank” screen which prompts you to choose a different case.

Cannot delete an environment that has a slash in the name Bug ID #3341
This bug has been fixed.

Offline Installer – Issues with Linux Bug ID #3343
This bug has been resolved.

Events Mapping screen Resizing Columns Issue Bug ID #3091
System Fields columns can now be resized without issues.

Incorrect Tags added to case Bug ID #3091 Previously, tags that were re-named are still getting added to cases under the old and new tag. This issue has been fixed in this Release.

Problems with translating Entities into Siemplify ID # 2872
Previously, an entity was broken down into separate entities as the commas in the raw event field were acting as delimiters once translated to the Siemplify entity field. Now, entities are treated as whole entities.

Using All Environment in Reports Scheduler produces an empty report Bug ID #2875
Reports now contain data for all environments as expected.

Permissions not sufficiently tightened when assigning cases Bug ID #2746
Previously, users from all roles could assign cases to themselves. Now, permissions have been tightened and only roles with specific permissions to the cases can access them.

Expression Builder “in data” not getting required result Bug ID #2694
This expression builder pipe now returns the required result.

Case Queue Analyst Filter Bug ID #2179 User accounts that have been disabled will no longer appear in the Case Queue filter.

Hebrew text not displaying correctly Bug ID #1326
The Hebrew text is now displaying from right to left as expected.

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