Environment Dynamic Parameters
Siemplify now enables you to add new parameters to both new and existing environments. This can be executed via the Siemplify platform.
The advantage of these parameters is that you can now categorize environments into different groups such as Financial Zone or C-Suite, etc. This can come in particularly useful when running Playbooks as you can use Custom Trigger/Actions/Jobs or Conditions based on one of these new environment parameters. This provides greater customization for Playbooks and can come in handy for MSSPs who have lots of end customers.

Import/Export for Playbook Blocks
Siemplify now supports exporting and importing Playbook Blocks. In addition, if you select a Playbook for export/import that contains a block – the block will be taken along with the parent Playbook.

Username and Password in Backup Settings
In the Settings > Advanced > General screen, username and password have been added to the Backup settings section.

Appliance Hardening
Siemplify now supports a security hardened Linux machine suitable for secure usage and hosting of Siemplify Application.

New Community Platform
A new community Platform will be launched in the next few weeks. In preparation, some features have been added to the Siemplify Platform. This includes:

  • Community License
  • Use Case Repository in the Marketplace

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