Problems with translating Entities into Siemplify ID 2685
Previously, an entity was broken down into separate entities as the commas in the raw event field were acting as delimiters once translated to the Siemplify entity field. Now, entities are treated as whole entities.

Number of Entity Properties Limited ID 2397
The number of entity properties is now 5000.

Cannot add manual Playbooks due to Permissions issues ID 2988
This bug is solved by making sure the relevant users have Edit permissions for Cases.

In rare cases there was an issue with Siemplify server service ID 2847
Siemplify Server Service now runs as expected.

LDAP Configuration Parameter changed from port 386 to port 389
In Settings > Advanced > General > LDAP > Host. The default port is now 389.

LDAP Login Error ID 2809
This issue is fixed.

Parameter Name change in OKTA
Change text from “ACS URL” to “Audience URI (SP Entity ID)”

New cases not visible after changing name of SOC role ID 2661
New cases are now fully visible even after changing the name of the role.

Permissions issues – all cases can be accessed from any role ID 2746
Previously, there was a loophole in the Permissions such that any role could access any case – even ones that were restricted to other roles. This issue has been fixed.

Issues with System Performance ID 2754
This issue has been resolved.

Async Actions Getting Stuck ID 3048, 3078, 2612
If a timeout was accrued during saving of an action, the action will now fail instead of hanging. This ensures that the Playbook will continue running.

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