The following features have been added to Release 5.11

Appliance Hardening
In order to maximize security, Siemplify is offering its customers appliance hardening. Hardening aims to:

  • Limit server’s attack surface by minimizing exposed services
  • Harden overall OS configuration as well as configuration of available network services
  • Improve server’s resiliency to escalation attempts in situations where unauthorized remote access has been achieved
  • Implement basic host-based detection capabilities to improve discoverability of security breaches when they happen

Note that the OVA for 5.11 is already hardened according to the Siemplify guidelines. Customers who are just upgrading their existing machine without replacing it with the new OVA, should harden their own appliances. For more information on how to do that, please refer to Windows Server Hardening Guide.

New SAML External Authentication screen and functionality
The External Authentication screen has been overhauled and redesigned to provide a quicker and more intuitive user experience.
The new screen enables you to allow users to connect Siemplify to an external SAML 2.0 authentication provider, including a Custom SAML provider, for example Centrify, Onelogin, etc.
For more information refer to Configure SAML Provider.

New Security Features

  • Secure upload of SVG files
  • Local storage encryption (within the web browser)

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