Siemplify is excited to introduce the main features for the Siemplify Security Operations Platform v5.0:

  • War Room: New module for crisis management. The War Room allows various users and departments to work together to assess, isolate, and contain critical incidents and work on strategies to minimize impact and risks.
  • Collaboration: Enhance SOC collaboration on cases and improve teamwork on Siemplify with the use of informal messaging.
  • Remote Agent: Siemplify agents at remote sites allow MSSPs and enterprises to integrate with on-premises security tools and stream back alerts data and action results – as well as perform actions on these sites.
  • Expression Builder: Extract specific data from action results and from events, by using extract, sort and filter methods on JSON formatted action results. These can be used within playbook conditions or as placeholders in playbook actions thereby allowing the analyst to create shorter Playbooks using the new information at their fingertips.

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