What are Connectors?

The connectors are the entry point for alerts into Siemplify. Their job is to translate raw input data from multiple sources into Siemplify data. The connectors get alerts (or equivalent data – e.g. alarms, correlation events, etc) from 3rd party tools sent to the Data Processing layer, to be ingested as Siemplify alerts and events.


In this guide, we will demonstrate how to develop an email connector in Siemplify IDE in order to ingest raw data from an email source (Gmail) and translates it into Siemplify data in order to create cases in the Siemplify platform.
The connector will scan each email message body in order to extract URLs from the email. In the next step we will check if these URLs are malicious using the product we have integrated with in My First Action – Who Is XML.

Prerequisite steps

To allow the connector to connect to your email inbox there are a few steps that need to be done.

  1. Let’s start off by creating a new gmail account or using one that you already have for testing purposes.
  2. “2-step verification”, is one of the security adjustments to allow Siemplify platform to access the email inbox securely.

First option – turn off the “2-step verification” under “Signing in to google”, and turn on the “Less secure app access”.

Second option – in order to leave your 2-step verification on, you can create an App Password that gives the Siemplify platform permission to access your Google Account. App Passwords can only be used with accounts that have 2-step verification turned on.

Click on the App passwords icon and then fill in the relevant fields:

“Select app”: select “Other (Custom name)” option and add URL associated with your Siemplify platform (DNS).

The next step is to create the email connector in the IDE. Continue to the Developing the Connector section.

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